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The boat Thomas McDonagh was built in 1969 in Ireland. 30 years it was used as a fishing boat, before it was acquired by her today's owners and was altered in affectionate, several years' work to a sail schoner.

Today with her extremely elegantly woo-den hulk (fuselage) and perfect propor-tions for mast and rigging, it offers a wonderful sight.

With 6 cabins, 3 baths, kitchens and a comfortable deck house it offers to a group as many as 10 persons all conditions for a special vacation.

Vacation on a sailing ship gives you the unique possibility to enjoy romantic bea-ches and bays.

Particularly traditional ships appeal: they contrast with their individual character with the today's modern yachts and awakens memories on long times ago.

... never sailed?

The boat is led by an experienced skipper and he disposes of an also experienced crew for all necessary works. Never-theless, we are glad if you take part actively in the seamanly tasks.

Even if you have never sailed, with the help of the crew you will be easily a part of it.

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